All-In-One Self Publish Software Makes Self Publishing Possible for anyone


I mainly engaged in clothing wholesale and retail. Recently, I am looking for a new method to develop more orders. My friends advise me to create an online brochure. Through online brochure, readers can know more details about my clothes, including text description and cloth images. I find a similar example on Internet, that is what I want, open the link to experience:


It is amazing, right? Those book pages can be flipping like a realist paper book. High quality display content and images by this online brochure. What the most important is, every clothes images list the linkable button below, for readers link to the purchase webpage. That is what I want, I think if I add linkable button for each clothes images, the number of order will increase in the future. However, while I open this brochure to read in the first time, it pop-up the messages: install flash plug-in before reading. It means the online brochure is based on Flash. If I want to create this kind of brochure, I need to use Adobe Flash, but actually I have no idea with flash knowledge and I hope to find a simple to use solution to create my own online brochure.


Luckily, Flip PDF Pro provides the best digital publishing solution. It is flash based magazine software for you to create online interactive brochure from static PDF. Now, I have used this software to make multiple self publish magazines/brochures/catalogs from PDF documents, independent without need to use any other software and plug-ins. I like this software and want to share this software to those people who are going to make online brochure. Hope this article can help you.




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